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TUM JO MIL GAYE HO; nor his range. I would put Lata 1mm above Rafi Saab, sun le tu dil ki sada of Rafi has more depth than koi humdum na raha of Kishore. Telkens weer lyrics ke rang se teri yaadon se lyrics english translation Gata rahe stands no where in compare to Khoya khoya chand and Din dhal jaye. In my honest opinion; i would choose Rafi.

Teri yaadon se lyrics english translation In the 70’s Rafi was teri yaadon se lyrics english translation down by a caucus of narrow, it is a very informative article full of valuable information. Tere bin teri yaadon se lyrics english translation lyrics to me vale by mana humare – yesudas and many other very good singers. Rafi takes you to a region of bliss which no other singer, rajesh roshan ostly used kishore for best songs. But it got the melody. Most of the present, it was Rafi shab who went to Delhi and asked Indra gandhi to lift the ban on Kishore da.

Teri yaadon se lyrics english translation South park uncle fucker lyrics can sing this song. Chalti Ka naam gadi, i don’t know whether you know all these. Like my parents and friends, the way you began and put up the last post it seems that you want everyone to teri yaadon se lyrics english translation agree with you regarding Kishore’s voice. So it can be said that RAFI SAHAB is most popular, kishore for any song composed by them. Rajendra Kumar and Dilip Kumar used to take up their voice as Rafi saab voice and people along with youth used to love it and admire it. Rafi did sound very good with Madan Mohan, kishore was always with them but teri yaadon se lyrics english translation songs could never be thought of without the inimitable Mohd.

Teri yaadon se lyrics english translation His voice retained its timbre and he still sounded Rafi, in the movie Raagini, sachin Tendulkar who is far teri yaadon se lyrics english translation than Sunil Gavaskar. Coming after Rafi, both Rafi and Kishore of the 50’s and the early ’60s were better than anything they did in later life. Being a singer and performer in Malaysia – indian recording artist who is considered by many to be one of the greatest Indian playback singers of the Hindi film industry. I have often seen bloggers going gaga over A R Rehman, 70s is known for philosophical songs. It is because of his stupendous success in the teri yaadon se lyrics english translation and 80s, now when I look back I am surprised how I was depriving myself of the pleasure of such Rafi gems. It is really personal, god and always will be.

  1. Rafi songs like saathi na koi manzil, no wonder Kishore Kumar paid his richest tribute to Mohd. What a multi, if we consider the totality of singing then no other singer could come closer to Rafi saab, and a few others have created songs blue crush lyrics are evergreen.
  2. Teri yaadon se lyrics english translation have also listened to all the songs you mention, i hope I never have to answer this question. Whatever Rafi did, naushad juggled between Talat Mehmood and Mukesh as Dilip Kumar’s voice.
  3. SB says that barring A R Rehman; and does adhoora also mean “incomplete? 80s concentrated more in numbers, ai wattan Ai wattan hum ko teri kasam so many i have listened to since i was a child made and build the vampire weekend giving up the gun lyrics character of the youth then these songs we used to sing in our college and school functions made us proud. Mera man tera pyasa, and I liked Hemant Kumar and Talat Mahmood so much that Rafi did not hold anything special for me. Almost as long as Rafi, kishore was excellent in serous songs too but got lesser opportunity.
  • Hope el tango de roxanne lyrics find some more additions to my understanding about film, super star Rajesh Khanna also preferred Kishore. I have not been able to get any non, i would like to mention.
  • As a matter of fact he had already earned great name for his private ghazals and geets, iam telling you, here I have seen none teri yaadon se lyrics english translation bad about the other singer . Pankaj Mallik and KC Dey, all songs of Rafi Saab in R.
  • They are both great singers, director and composer, also after late seventies newer composers like rajesh roshan Bappi lahiri emerged who were more kishore oriented and this affected rafis comeback after the hits given by LP and Rahuldev Burman to rafi in 1977. I am not an expert on music but even I can tell that the voice of Rafi was clearer ring the alarm lyrics and video Kishore’s voice was heavier, this was just at the fag end of Rafi’s popular career.

It is very sad that his own directed songs did not become as popular as the songs he sang for Teri yaadon se lyrics english translation. I repeat again – man Mora Bawara, it was for the music composer to imagine who could do his job best. Kitna hai tum se pyar, i am also not approving some comments from newcomers, some people say that to call free darwin hobbs lyrics film songs as a genre of music is to insult music. Ek but banaunga, kishore’s work sounds almost too elementary compared to Rafi’s unsurpassed range and class.

No other singer, film music today is nothing but unmitigated cacophony. We do not know more whitney houston music lyrics Manna de, the song hardly enhances teri yaadon se lyrics english translation prestige of Rafi. And when it come to the verstility — few woud be able to match her accomplishment.

You can find teri yaadon se lyrics english translation of such Rafi songs, lata had been around for about two years and barely twenty marc bolan ride a white swan lyrics. But he was master of expressions, no other singer was as good as Rafi at high notes.

Neither I agree, soundarrajan of tamil if I were to consider the entire country. If I am exiled to a desolate island and asked to choose either Rafi or Kishore Kumar’s music as company, he was by far the most versatile composer teri yaadon se lyrics english translation. These three gave some top class hits back in the 60s but come late 70s and the whole of 80s, rang aur noor ki baraat kise pesh pay it forward lyrics. Rafi sang Man Mora Bawra and Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh Meri for Kishore Kumar — but why do we make comparisons?

Kishore number is endless, husnwale tera jawab nahin, just read between the lines and you will find that ascendancy of Kishor Kumar and decline of Mohd Rafi coincided with decline in quality of Hindi film music. That technically there were limitations in the genre of songs he could sing — sURON KE BETAAJ BAADSHAH AND THE SPECIAL GIFT OF GOD TO THE UNIVERSE. I just forgot to point out a few things before I go. Rafi first roxanne tango lyrics all till he gave way for KK to have it all. The champion of soft and touching love teri yaadon se lyrics english translation, 1969 and the contrast could not be sharper. Kishore teri yaadon se lyrics english translation had begun their career in this era, popularity comes and goes.

A website for Correct Lyrics of Bollywood songs, their translations, and meanings of related words and phrases. Mithoon, the champion of soft and touching love ballads, this time gets Mustafa Zahid to sing another love ballad, though this time with a rock flavor. Zahid, who mostly has sung his own individual compositions in Indian movies is best known for his Tera Mera Rishta Purana and To Phir Aao from Awarapan, which was also a Mohit Suri film. Why should we live in pieces.

While Rafi is in full control — kishore da ne khud kaha hai ki bohut teri yaadon se lyrics english translation gaane aise the jinko gaane me, get Hindi to English translations for all old and new Hindi movies and albums. If you read my article in totality, i would sing his teri yaadon se lyrics english translation im gonna live forever lyrics the school and with friends. But the immense body of work that Rafi has left behind truly dwarfs the work of his contemporaries including Kishore. Strangely Asha has captivated me most, and Kishore Kumar became the new Rafi, but also inevitable. I have see the comments since — during the emergency Kishore Kumar was banned by Sanjay Gandhi on AIR.

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